Gerald R. Flurry

Pastor General

Philadelphia Church of God

14400 S Bryant Rd

Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

United States of America


August 06, 2018

Dear Mr. Gerald Flurry,

Greetings to you!

We wish to invite you to attend our special ribbon cutting ceremony for the dedication of the kingdom themed play structure which was created by the famous Israeli sculptor, Sue Ela. That play structure is now installed at the heart of the city of Jerusalem in an area called A Children’s Playground in Liberty Bell Park which I know you are very familiar with. This project has been made possible through a very close partnership with the Jerusalem Foundation.

We would be honored to have you join this very memorable event by cutting the ribbon and providing a few encouraging words. Part of the program includes Jerusalem children planting a time capsule with their wishes for Jerusalem’s future. This event is scheduled on September 5 at 5:00 PM to be held in Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem, of which I believe Ms. Ariella Bernstein of the Jerusalem Foundation already sent a formal invitation to you and your ministers through your emails.

The dedication ceremony actually coincides with the two-day visit to Israel by the Honorable President of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte whom we have also invited to this very memorable event.

To give you some brief background, we are non-profit organization here in the Philippines who were former members of the Philadelphia Church of God in that region. We were able to participate in the annual archaeological excavation in Mount Zion, Jerusalem being conducted on behalf of the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Charlotte in the USA under the direction of renowned Israeli archaeologist Dr. Shimon Gibson with Dr. James Tabor of UNC.

While in Jerusalem in 2015 for the archaeological dig, we saw an opportunity to rehabilitate the Children’s Playground in Liberty Bell Park, thus the beginning of the partnership with Jerusalem Foundation. And with God’s blessings, our foundation was able to participate for three (3) consecutive years in the archaeological dig as representatives from the Philippines which earned us a courtesy visit with the Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal Imperial in his Tel Aviv office last 2016.

Also in that same year, with the help of the Jerusalem Foundation, we have been privileged to meet the honorary chairman of Jerusalem Foundation, Mayor Nir Barkat who gave each of us the LION OF JUDAH pins in his Jerusalem office as a token of appreciation for our partnership with Jerusalem Foundation.

We believe that all of these events the past few years have happened for a reason which is aligned with what you have said way back September 4, 2004 which was one day before your wife died. In that sermon you said:

“God’s gonna use, I believe, there’s certain symbolism there to tell us, He’s gonna use carnal minded men to help this work done. If that’s what we need, we’ll get the help. If it’s like building God’s house or doing this work, God will give us the help, even if He has to take a carnal minded man and anoint him – He’ll do it because He already said He’s gonna do it, ‘I will raise up the ruins as in the days of old’. God forbid that we should not believe that! God forbid….”

Excerpt from “The Tree of Life and God’s House

All you have to do now is to believe that God has prepared and inspired us to help you finish His work. Thank you very much for your time and consideration and we look forward to your favorable reply concerning our humble request.

Respectfully yours,

A.R.K. of God Foundation


  1. My wife and I met Gerald Flurry in private back in June. The Iron Wall has been breached. We gave him a certain message. That is why he grew his beard. He flipped on us.


      1. The lord said to tell him, “Spring before winter, and there will be no more dead works in my church.” When he told my wife she was crazy, I told him his son was hijacking the church. He tells us that it’s not possible as he’s been there every day. He told us we needed to leave. I told him this church had become a mausoleum. He panned his arm around the property and said, “Look at my fruits.” My wife said, “God bless you, Mr. Flurry.” He told us we weren’t welcome. I told him he was always welcome with us. We left. He grew a beard right after that. Email for pictures of us and the place. We didn’t record Mr. Flurry, because we were in shock, but the entire story is true. He followed us onto the nature trail alone and we got to speak to him in private.


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